I’m Shauna - coffee lover and cookbook aficionado.

As a teenager, I became interested in food from a caloric standpoint. I was a dancer, but never had the typical “dancer’s body” and it made me really self-conscious.  Plus being a teenage girl is tough, amirte?

I was constantly preoccupied with how many calories I was eating - it didn’t matter if they came from ice cream or spinach as long as I didn’t go over a certain amount each day. My food relationship was centered on guilt, worry, and constant calorie counting. It was exhausting.

After college, something interesting happened. I started practicing yoga and, for the first time, I learned how to work with my body - not against it. This approach translated to my eating habits.

Without intentionally shifting my diet, my food priorities shifted. I was no longer choosing my food based on what had the least calories, but based on which foods would nourish and fuel me the most. The dietary turmoil that I grew so accustomed to melted away. I was dying to know what was responsible for this shift.

In seeking the answer, I got my Master’s in Science in Nutrition Science, became a Registered Dietitian, Holistic Chef, Certified Yoga Instructor, and even spent time cooking at a Buddhist monastery.

Now I know the truth. Our food relationship is about so much more than just food.

Today, I use what I know to help people to heal their food relationships and create vibrant diets that they love and feel nourished by - inside and out.  

I live with my husband and cat, Indy, in Westchester where we love to host dinner parties, hibernate, and explore.  

Have an interesting food relationship? Want to learn more about nutrition or healthy cooking? Let’s chat!